Trevose extends a warm welcome to all members' guests and visitors

Trevose prides itself on the warm welcome afforded to all members’  guests and visitors alike. To ensure you have the best possible experience with us please read the following notes of guidance:

Visitors’ Playing Days
We welcome visitors every day of the week throughout the year. However please note there are some member-only start times and please check the Club Diary for tournaments before making a reservation. Visitors wishing to play the Championship Course should bring certified handicap certificates as these may be required prior to play.

All prices stated are inclusive of VAT where applicable and are correct at time of publishing.

Data Protection
Any personal data provided when submitting a request for a booking will be used by us solely to process and respond to the request, as well as keep you up to date with news from the Club. Please inform the front desk team if you would prefer not to receive future communications from us.

Dress Code
Trevose is a relaxed, informal venue with the focus on making all members, guests and visitors feel welcome. Consequently an informal standard of dress is accepted in the clubhouse during the day. Please note the following dress code guidelines:

  • Championship Course
    A respectable standard of dress is expected at all times. This excludes items such as jeans, singlets, t-shirts (without a collar) and non golfing shoes. We regret to say that metal spikes are not allowed.
    Please call in advance if you are unsure to avoid any potential embarrassment.
  • Headland & Short Courses
    A more relaxed dress code is accepted on these golf courses, with the exception of ripped jeans and singlets.
  • The Clubhouse
    When using the clubhouse bar and restaurant we would ask everyone to respect those around you and maintain a “decent” level of dress.
    In the evenings we would ask men wishing to use the bar after 8.30pm to wear trousers, and likewise for restaurant diners. If dining earlier in the evening you may wear shorts, but should you wish to use the bar after dinner you will be required to change.
    T-shirts are acceptable as long as they smart and without offensive logos or wording, although collared polo shirts are preferable. After 8.30pm it would be deemed unacceptable for users of the clubhouse to wear singlets*, flip flops, ripped jeans/trousers*, hats* or to be in bare feet*.We appreciate your co-operation with this and please help the staff by adhering to these relaxed rules – if asked to change please do not take offence, it will only be because they are doing their job.*Please note singlets, ripped jeans/trousers, hats and bare feet are not acceptable in the clubhouse at any time during the day or night.

Locker Room
There are no individual lockers for use by visitors. If you have any items that require secure storage please speak to a member of staff who will assist you.

Mobile Phones
The use of mobile phones, to make a voice call, in the clubhouse and on the golf courses is prohibited. Please ensure all phones are switched to silent mode.

Smoking Ban
The Club complies with the no-smoking regulations and smoking is prohibited within the club’s buildings (including all accommodation).

Pace of Play
We are committed to maintaining a decent pace of play to ensure everyone enjoys their round. You can help us achieve this by ensuring you are ready to play when it is your turn. If your group is approached by a course ranger about pace of play please, as a courtesy to everyone else, do whatever is necessary to maintain your place on the course and keep up with the group in front of you.

Adverse Weather
There is no weather warning system at Trevose and visitors who choose to remain on the course in adverse weather conditions, particularly during thunder and lightning (which is rare), do so at their own risk.

We value our staff and they are encouraged and trained to provide the best possible service to our guests. If you wish to show your appreciation, any gratuity should be left at reception and it will be added to the Staff Fund.

Trevose prides itself on the warm welcome afforded to all members’  guests and visitors alike. To ensure you have the best time possible with us please read the following notes of guidance:


Latest information:

All golf courses, accommodation, Clubhouse and indoor dining facilities are now open. Please see our news channel for further updates on the Club’s facilities and C-19 guidelines.