Welcome to Trevose Padel! As one of the world’s fastest growing sports this it the latest addition to our onsite facilities for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

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With two padel courts available for hire please see the instructions below to book a court.

The sport originated in 1969 in the Mexican beach resort of Acapulco. The founder of padel, Enrique Corcuera, was a wealthy businessman. At home, he didn’t have enough space to put in a tennis court, so he came up with a similar sport, played on a court that was 10 x 20 m in size and surrounded by 3-4 m high walls. A net divided the court into two equal sides. Because of the smaller playing field, he decided to play with wooden rackets that were smaller than traditional tennis rackets.

It’s played on an enclosed court measuring 10m x 20m with glass walls and is a mixture of tennis, squash and beach tennis. Four people play the game in a doubles format with a tennis scoring system. It’s a faster moving game than regular tennis and is said to be much easier to play, suitable for all ages and abilities. Each rally begins with an underarm serve and the bats are shorter versions of a tennis racket – made with fibreglass or carbon and soft foam with no strings.

Padel racket

Padel rally

Courts can only be booked via the “Playtomic” App which can be downloaded in the app store (see below) and is available on both iOS and Android. Playtomic who are the world’s leading booking system and renowned for the positive user experience and for connecting padel players and clubs across the globe.

Here are a few of the benefits to you:

– Easy booking of courts
– Find players to play with through the app
– You will see and be able to join a range of matches, leagues, tournaments through the app
– The app will give you a level/ranking which you can use to find players of similar ability
– You can add scores from matches and watch your level improve the more you play
– You can find, follow and communicate with all players through the app
– You can split payments for courts at the point of booking – so no chasing money

There are only two essential things that you need to do:

1. Download the Playtomic app by logging into your app store and searching “Playtomic”. A member of staff can help you if you have trouble.
2. Follow the instructions, register and set up your profile.

The app has a customer service team and a library of help articles to support you so feel free to reach out and you will become part of the Playtomic Padel community in Cornwall quicker than you can say Bandeja.

Padel doubles


Book a court with playtomic

To book a court click on the image above and scan a QR code, this will take you to your App/Play Store to download playtomic, then follow instructions to find the Trevose courts and book.


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