Treat yourself to a relaxing massage or beauty treatment

Whether you’re in need of a bit of post golf repair work, or a welcome bit of personal pampering, come and see us in our Massage & Beauty Salon.

Available treatments include the following:

ITEC & VCTC Professional

Available treatments include the following:


Sports Massage (25 mins £35; 55 mins £70; 85 mins £105)
Therapy that benefits anyone suffering from muscular pain and discomfort. Clients often use this treatment to optimise their levels of flexibility and reduce pain, both pre and post exercise – whether that be playing a round of golf or taking a stroll on the beach.

Deep Tissue Massage (25 mins £35; 55 mins £70; 85 mins £105)
Targets the deeper layers of muscle, fascia and connective tissue. A deep tissue massage loosens the muscle tissue, releases the build up of toxins and gets the blood and oxygen circulating more effectively. For the complete treatment package include a head and face massage for an extra £5.

Swedish Massage (25 mins £35; 55 mins £70; 85 mins £105)
This uses a relaxing and soothing technique tailored to your needs. It is therapeutic and releases muscular tension which creates harmony in the body and mind. Adapting the pressure that is right for you.

Indian Head Massage (25 mins £35; 55 mins £70; 85 mins £105)
The aim of this massage is to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders easing headaches and stress, aiding lymphatic circulation, relieving eyestrain and boosting the immune system.

Hot Stone Massage (25 mins £35; 55 mins £70; 85 mins £105)
Hot Basalt stones are placed on points of the body to generate warmth and relaxation, while stones are used to perform a traditional massage. The hardness and warmth of the stones can be used to address specific problem areas with more deeper pressure.

Aromatherapy Massage (25 mins £35; 55 mins £70; 85 mins £105)
This is a body massage using therapeutic pure essential oils in order to release both physical and mental tension and promote a feeling of well being.

2) REFLEXOLOGY TREATMENT (40 mins £55; 55 mins £70; 85 mins £105)

A foot treatment that works all the reflex points of the body – the ultimate in relaxation that will benefit all the body’s systems.


Facial Treatments
– Facial (45 mins £55)
– Facial and Mini Back Massage (55 mins £70)
– Total Relaxation: Facial and Full Body Massage (85 mins £105)

Hands and Feet
– Standard Manicure / Pedicure (40 mins £45)
– Hands/feet that require more attention (55 mins £65)

Half leg wax – £18 (20 mins)
Full leg wax – £26 (30 mins)
Bikini – £15-£20 (15 mins)
Full leg and bikini – £28 (45 mins)
Half leg and bikini – £25 (30 mins)
Under arm – £15 (10 mins)
Eyebrow wax and shape – £15 (15 mins)
Lip or chin wax – £15 (10 mins)

Eye treatments
Eye lash and brow tint (15-30 mins £15-20)

Gift vouchers also available for purchase.

For more information, or to book an appointment, contact our resident therapist, Gabby Ghazilian:
Tel: +44(0)7779637156
E: [email protected]

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